‘Tis the Season for Grillin’ & Chillin’!

As nomads everywhere gear up for sunny adventures, we’re so excited to share three new Vanz rolling out of the shop, as well as a few must-have items for your camps ahead…

First up is Oasis Lounge! With it’s spacious, modular lounge-style layout, it makes the most of the 144WB interior to deliver our Premium Nomad Vanz Conversion in its most flexible form.

Next is Pair of Wings—a 4×4 Adventure Wagon hybrid build. What makes this van especially unique is the incorporation of SmartFloor and SmartEasy Seat technology, which allow for flexible, road-safe arrangements of aftermarket seating.

It also debuts our Nomad Vanz Goal Zero Power Play Package, featured exclusively in our hybrid build. With the Goal Zero Lithium Yeti 3000 V2.0 with WiFi, Yeti Link Car Charging Kit, and 12V Max Current Cable, passengers can still venture off-grid with confidence

And since the 2021 Giro d’Italia has just begun this week—the 3-week European Grand Tour cycling race—it’s an especially fitting time to reveal our last van: Cima Coppi!

Named after the highest peak in the Giro d’Italia, this epic build lives up to the title. Featuring a nod to Porsche acid-green accents, world-class ROAMBUILT outfitting, and a full bike shop out back, it redefines possibility in luxury off-road touring.

And for every over-lander getting ready to head outdoors, you might want to consider picking up a few of these precious gems that we just can’t camp without…

The COBB Premiere Portable BBQ is our whole-heartedly endorsed, hands-down favourite way to cookout. No fuel canisters or electric plug-ins needed. Just load in some charcoal briquettes and let the COBB work it’s magic!

And while your mouth is watering, kick back and relax in Kovea’s Titan Flat Chair. Ultra-light, ultra-compact, and ultra-comfortable—in our opinion, this chair has zero competition!

It pairs excellently with Kovea’s top-quality, multi-height Bamboo One-Action Table, and WS Folding Bench, which offers comfy, compact 2-person seating.

Finally, to keep your bevies chilled, and your food fresh or frozen, TRUMA Coolers take first place on our list of portable fridge/freezers. From the 36L single-zone all the way to the 69L dual-zonewith separate temperature controls, you can find a size that fits your needs perfectly.

Put them all together, and you’ll be the envy of any convoy!

We hope your upcoming months are full of miles and smiles. Stay safe, and stay adventurous.

–    The Nomad Vanz Team

Oasis Lounge VS30 144WB HR 4x4 2500 Nomad Vanz Premium Custom Conversion

Oasis Lounge’s Roomy Cabin.

Pair of Wings VS30 144WB HR 4x4 2500 Nomad Vanz Adventure Wagon Hybrid Conversion

Pair of Wings showing off the SmartFloor System.

Cima Coppi VS30 144WB HR 4x4 2500 Nomad Vanz Premium Custom Conversion

Cima Coppi conquering mountains and striking a pose.


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