In the world of travel and adventure, custom camper vans are gaining popularity like never before. These compact and versatile mobile homes on wheels offer a sense of freedom and flexibility that traditional RVs often lack. But what if I told you that there’s a magnetic connection between custom camper vans and, well, magnets?

Magnets play a surprisingly crucial role in the customization and functionality of these modern nomadic abodes. Let’s dive into the fascinating world where magnets and custom camper vans combine to create a match made in road-trip heaven.

Magnetic Window Shades: customer, Nomad Vanz, has found a unique way to leverage magnets in their products. “When you consider you are essentially building a custom home on wheels, we must incorporate a lot of infrastructure in such a small space with very tight tolerances,” says Christina Yau, co-founder of Nomad Vanz.

As leading innovators of premium customized camper vans, Nomad Vanz has designed several products that incorporate magnets, such as their beautiful hand-sewn window shades that keep out the heat during the day, and provide privacy during the evenings. Their “Shadez” line of products (as seen below) incorporates neodymium rare earth magnets concealed in the window’s shade to allow for easy installation and removal.


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