On the Road Again! ☀️

Lots of exciting news arriving this month alongside perfect adventure weather!

First up, our latest build to hit the road and soak up the sun: Jaeger (or “hunter,” in German.)

From board racks to bug screens and a beefy Agile Off Road RIP suspension package, Jaeger was born to stalk adventures through the wildest of country.

View Jaeger’s gallery and video walkthrough here!

And for those seeking to seize the summer with a Nomad Van that’s ready to roll…

Bodhi has just been added to our Pre-Loved Vanz page!

Nomad Vanz had the great honour to custom design, build, and be part of this very special project, Bodhi “Awakening,” created for a gold medallist Paralympian.

Built to the same high Nomad Vanz standards for backcountry travels and 4-season living, Bodhi transports to ocean waves, mountain slopes, and the top of the podium.

Central to the design layout is accommodation for the wheelchair lift and turning radius within the van’s living space, leaving a spacious lounge area awaiting your custom vision.

View Bodhi’s details here and enquire at  before it’s scooped up…

As with Sunny, a former feature on our Pre-Loved Vanz page, who is officially going to new owners! We wish you happy trails together 🙂

Finally: Attention cyclists! An exciting announcement just in time for peak riding season…

Nomad Vanz is proud to begin a collaboration with 7Mesh Cycling Apparel, based in the Coast Mountains of Squamish, BC.

7Mesh’s outstanding team is pushing the limits of performance bike apparel—which is locally made and tested—for gravel, road, and trail, while contributing to the communities in which they work, live, and play.

Browse the 7Mesh catalogue and use the coupon code 7meshxNomadVanz to receive 20% off your purchase.

As the sun begins to bestow its bounties, stay safe, stay cool, and keep those wheels turning. 🚴‍♀️ 🚐

– The Nomad Vanz Team


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