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If an adventure van is on your Wish List, we have excellent news…

There are now three Pre-Loved Vanz available for sale!

1. Treehouse is a full-loaded luxury machine, with heated floors, all the off-road upgrades, and premium custom upholstery.

2. Buster is a streamlined build that sleeps a family of four, with plenty of room for bikes trail toys, plus a removeable fridge/freezer for pop-up lounges when daytripping in the wild.

3. Bodhi is a very special build created for a gold medallist Paralympian, with a spacious lounge area awaiting your custom vision.

Pick your perfect companion and enquire at  before it’s taken home!

And with peak adventure season upon us, we have a fresh batch of staple items to get your van ready to roam in superior style…

First up, the coveted SCOPEMA Seat Swivels for the Ford Transit and Dodge RAM ProMaster are ready to ship and transform your living space.

And any van traveller knows that creative storage solutions make a world of difference in tidying your precious cabin space and unlocking its full potential.

Here are a few pieces we just can’t live without:

1. Nomad Vanz Rear Door Storage Pockets. Utilizing the overlooked barn door window wells out back of your Sprinter, each set has the storage capacity of a large suitcase! Since they’re easily removeable and feature carry handles, they double as grocery or laundry bags in a pinch.

2. Nomad Vanz Stuff-it Cubes. These soft, durable, uber-compact zippered nylon bags are perfect for neatly tucking all sorts of items into your cabinets or garage, with double mesh-lined compartments that allow clothes and gear to breathe and stay fresh.

We love Small Cubes for clothing, footwear, toiletry bottles, and kitchen items.

While the Large Cubes are perfect for neatly storing bigger batches of items from bike gear to clothes, shoes, bedding, towels—whatever you can pack in!

Designed to fit perfectly in the Adventure Wagon Mule Bags and Mini Mule Bags, these cavernous, wall-hanging duffle bags also fit nicely into cabinet cubbies and shelving units, or tucked into narrower spaces when open-faced and unzipped.

Available in several different colours, you can colour-code your Nomad Vanz Stuff-It Cubes for each person/activity/purpose, and quickly grab the one you need on-the-go.

Once all your gear is squared away, keep your sunscreen handy and your cooler stocked! We wish you safe and shady travels. 😎

– The Nomad Vanz Team


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