The New Wave… 🌊

Well, we have great news and awesome news…

The great news: We’ve just released our first-ever high-level build in a Ford Transit, Samba Azul!
….Which brings the awesome news…

We are officially taking on Transits as part of our core conversion lineup!
In Ford Transits, our designs are Hybrid Builds…
Which means we begin with an Adventure Wagon Base Conversion Kit as the foundation, and offer a spectrum of signature customization to suit your needs and budget…
Besides being the most accessible option for jumpstarting your dream van, our Hybrid Builds strike the perfect balance between minimalist economy and luxury—offering a silky-smooth living experience with streamlined components and less upkeep.
As featured in Samba Azul, the Goal Zero Yeti 3000X provides super compact, no-fuss electricity, helping to drive the 6000AW Wolf Heater for toasty air and water (which can be hooked up to a standard gas tank and alternator.)
The Mule Bags and Stuff-it Cubes keep the interior crisp and tidy, while you enjoy using a Gourmet Galley Kitchen and chilling in style with vibrant, customized interior textiles.

For extra flair, you might opt for a custom vinyl hood wrap, as seen on Samba—a revamped nod to our former showcase build, Yabba Dabba Doo!
Check out Samba Azul’s full gallery here.
As Adventure Wagon’s Canadian Representative, Nomad Vanz not only sells and installs their innovative products, but vets other future installers and retailers. We truly love their work, and we’re excited to be getting it in more vans across the country.
Want to chat with us about converting your Ford Transit? Send an email to our Adventure Wagon specialist at and let’s jam on your vision.

– The Nomad Vanz Team

PS. An extra cherry of news on top: Our web store is one of the top recognized sellers of Ford Transit Seat Swivels, which are back in stock and ready to ship!


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