If you’ve travelled in a van, you’ve learned first-hand that space management and storage solutions make a world of difference.

After countless tours on the road, we couldn’t find the answers we needed, so we decided to make them ourselves!

Today, we’re sharing a few of the packing systems we’ve devised for our Vanz, which could help unlock the full organizational potential of your precious cabin space.

1. Rear Door Storage Pockets

Covering the window wells of the rear doors with panels is a big missed opportunity! We’ve found it’s the perfect place to stash heaps of gear.

Initially designed to manage dirty clothing on the road, we’ve found the Rear Door Storage Pockets to be an ideal organizer for handy items—such as your water filling hose, SmartPlug shore power cord, Bike Repair Stand holder, saws/axes, fork mounts, Pump UP! Hose—anything you need!

Each set of bags (2 per door) has the storage capacity of a large suitcase. Since they’re easily removeable, and feature carry handles, they also double as a market bag for groceries in a pinch.

2. Small Nomad Vanz Suff-it Cubes

These soft, uber-compact nylon bags are perfect for packing items away into cabinets. We typically use Small Stuff-it Cubes for clothing, flip flops, shoes, toiletry
bottles, and even kitchen items. They’re available inseveral different colours, so you can personalize your cubes by colour-coding them for each person/activity/purpose, and quickly grab the one you need on-the-go!

The double mesh-lined compartments are especially handy for separating clean and worn clothes, while still allowing them to breathe and stay as fresh as possible.



3. Large Stuff-it Cubes

These cavernous, wall-hanging duffle bags were designed to be the perfect companion for the Adventure Wagon Mule Bags.However, they also fit well into the cubbies of tower cabinets and shelving units. For narrower spaces, they can be stored open-faced and unzipped.

We love these for keeping batches of items contained in one place and easy to find. Think bike gear, clothing, shoes, bedding, towels—whatever you can pack in. With highly durable material, there’s no special handling required. Stuff it full and zip it up!



4. Bonus Items for Your Gear Garage

If you’re not shopping for the right camping gear, many find it gets excessively bulky, and takes up far more room than necessary. This is why we love so many of Kovea’s ingenious, premium products!

Their MULTI All-in-One Grill is a wickedly versatile cooking solution, or go with the Cube Butane Stove if you want the simplest space-saver.

With three different height settings, their Bamboo One-action table is a must-have, along with great seating options like the Folding Bench, which can support multiple people, or their Titan Folding Chair with its super low-profile (not to mention being the most comfortable chair we’ve ever found!)

We’re always working to create and find the finest gear on the market, to provide you with a world-class overlanding experience.

We can’t wait to share more of the best ahead!

– The Nomad Vanz Team


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