Pull Up a Chair…

We have lots of new rollouts to share! Let’s begin with a few new Vanz…

First, we’d like you to meet…

Shaka Diva! This build was custom-designed for a couple who live to surf both wind and waves, and frequently overland to the Baja Peninsula. It features board racks in the garage and on the roof, with decorative tones of sandy ocean waves to create a perennial beach vibe.

View ShakaDiva’s gallery here, and don’t miss the video tour.

Our next van, Selamiut (see-lah-me-oot), was named by our client, after an Inuit word meaning “sky dwellers.” After reading the introduction in the gallery, you’ll understand why this rugged build features a vibrant colour scheme and front winch bumper…

View the gallery for Selamiut here, and catch the video tour.

And when you’re finished browsing the galleries, head over to our store to check out the renovations!

We’ve remodeled the entire shop format and layout of the product pages for a smoother, more convenient experience.

Our rapidly growing inventory has also been grouped into specific categories, making navigation a breeze. Just hover your cursor over the “Shop” tab at the top left of the store page to see the options.

With Summer at it’s peak, we hope your adventures are too! Join us in wishing for a dose of showers to protect our beautiful forests and keep camping safe.

–    The Nomad Vanz Team

ShakaDiva VS30 170WB HR 4x4 2500 Nomad Vanz Premium Custom Conversion

ShakaDiva’s soothing blue-streaked living space.

Selamiut Sprinter VS30 4×4 Cargo Van 3500 High Roof 170 EXT WB Nomad Vanz Premium Custom Conversion

Selamiut’s interior keeps van living spirited yet sophisticated.

Selamiut Sprinter VS30 4×4 Cargo Van 3500 High Roof 170 EXT WB Nomad Vanz Premium Custom Conversion

En route to new horizons, Selamiut makes a pit stop for a quick Grill & Chill.

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