Why, Thank You!

It’s been a big year for Nomad Vanz! As it comes to a close, we’re honoured to have a few of our builds included amongst great company in several Top 10 lists in the industry.

Yin Yang was just named one of Top 10 Vans for sale in 2020 by Mind’s Eye Design. (Unfortunately, Yin Yang is not actually for sale, but still blushing from the admiration!)

While Yabba Dabba Doo was not only ranked in the Top 10 Camper Vans for Living The Van Life by Mind’s Eye Design, but the Top 10 Off Road RV Campers of 2019 by Van Clan.

Also, just in time for Christmas, we’ll be receiving a shipment of the latest goods from Tern Overland in early December.

We will have a fresh batch of their custom-made Euro-style doors and roof hatches to spruce up your build, in addition to their Arctic Tern window, which is featured in all of our builds!

Tern Overland is our leading choice for these components because of their quality, security, and ingenuity of design across the board.

For example, their Arctic Tern Roof Hatch has been tested to 5,000 cycles without failure, while the hefty Euro Door’s double locking system, double seals, and acrylic glazing make it feel like you’re closing a bank vault!

We love their Arctic Tern Window because of it’s incredible insulation and ventilation, which are qualities shared by their Wildlands Door – featuring a triple dead-bolted lock system with a high-security screen.

Pre-orders are now being accepted through our online store. Since most of these products come in different sizes, be sure to visit the main pageto view all available options.

We hope 2019 has been an amazing year of adventures so far! We’re excited to share more with you in the coming months, as well as what we’re cooking in the shop…

–    The Nomad Vanz Team


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