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The day has finally come. We’d like to say a big Thank You to all those who expressed interest in taking home Out of The Blue. It’s officially been sold to a new owner!

Having shared so many fond memories, we’re all a little… well, blue. But we’re looking forward to chasing new horizons.

Now, you might have noticed something distinct about us…

We love to innovate and have fun!

Through years of custom designing Vanz, we’ve ended up creating a proprietary line of original components (and their animated names) which proudly sets us apart from the pack. Since it’s such a big part of who we are, and our process, we wanted to make sure you’re in the loop.

(By the way, you can find all of these features and more in Jupiter – one of our latest Vanz – which was just featured on Business Insider!)

So, here is a page out of the Nomad Vanz glossary:

Mother Ship is a 46-gallon stainless steel freshwater tank, which nearly doubles the average on-board carrying capacity of our most precious resource!

Talking Head Tire Carrier hoists the spare tire up on a rear door panel, clearing valuable space on the underbelly of our Vanz to make way for the Mother Ship.

Command Centre is your main console. Concealed in an upper cabinet in the living space, it’s complete with switches and LCD displays to monitor levels for battery, electrical output, heat and hot water, the Mother Ship, and grey water.

Ground Control is the area of the garage where all the solar, mechanical, electrical, heating and plumbing systems are uniquely and tidily integrated.

Rain Closet gives you a creative indoor/outdoor shower system, massively saving on space with a stowaway shower wand and curtain, with a flush mounted wood-slat shower pan.

Nomad Vanz Oasis is the name for our signature water management system, which integrates all of the above into one synergistic network.

Nomad Vanz Signature Lithium Battery Bank has a light-weight lithium house battery (typically 300ah) with every contingency for charging – shore power, hookup to the vehicle’s alternator, and 360 watts of solar on 170”WB Sprinters – for the optimum off-grid experience.

Sweet Dreams Package gives you the ultimate mobile nest, featuring a lightweight composite bed panel, organic cotton-wrapped latex mattress, articulating bed springs for airflow and comfort, and a bunk ladder for easy access.

Pump Up! is one of our latest additions. It’s an easily accessible air compressor for inflating all your tires, making the perfect complement to the Nomad Vanz Bike Repair Station, located out the back on the rear doors.

Right now, we’re hard at work building these into a new fleet of Vanz at our shop in North Vancouver, BC. We can’t wait to show you what’s up our sleeves!

– The Nomad Vanz Team


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