Nomad Vanz is a modern-day tribute to the iconic Volkswagen Bus. Each build is custom-designed for maximum comfort, versatility, and adventure enhancement.


Custom • Adventure • Overland • Expedition • Vanz

Custom • Adventure • Overland • Expedition • Vanz

Custom • Adventure • Overland • Expedition • Vanz

Born from a passion for adventure and a love for the outdoors.

Nomad Vanz was born from the van life travels of its founders, John and Christina, whose passions for the outdoors led them on global adventures throughout the U.S., Mexico, Australia, Italy and France, while living out of a van with their bikes, boards, and skis. Each new experience refined their expertise in designing self-sustaining, custom travel vans that are always ready for bigger and better adventures.

Each of our Vanz are:

  • Meticulously designed with fine attention to detail and quality

  • Extremely durable, with premium materials and finishes
  • Custom-designed with gear garages and maximum storage efficiency
  • Perfect expedition vehicles to reach remote places conventional campers cannot go
  • Able to withstand all Mother Nature’s elements—from moisture and mildew, to unforgiving ultraviolet rays, and extreme cold—offering comfortable all-season living.

The first of all Nomad Vanz…

Casablanca, on another adventure

The first of all Nomad Vanz, Casablanca, was designed to address the need for a more efficient living space with higher-grade finishes and heavier-duty components. We sourced inspiration from different industries including marine and architectural design. Each component we use is thoroughly researched and road-tested, and follows our core principles of practicality, efficiency, durability and modern aesthetics.

Run away with home.

Nomad Vanz is the mobile home on wheels. How to leave home without leaving the comforts of home?

The decision to get away from it all is not a matter of take it or leave it. It’s leave and take it.

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