Project Description

Ulusaba ‘Place of little fear’

“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.”

– Karen Blixen, Out of Africa

Ulusaba, the rolling ‘place of little fear’ is a bespoke 4×4 Sprinter 170 built for 4 season creature comfort living for all your safari, backcountry and overland adventures. #nomadulusaba

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30 4×4 Cargo Van 2500 High Roof 170WB

Nomad Vanz Premium Conversion

On the Road

  • Agile Off Road Ride Improvement Package
  • AMP Research Power Step
  • Nomad Vanz Pop Outs with Artic Tern Window and Nomad Vanz Shadez®
  • Nomad Vanz Insulated Pop Out Covers
  • Nomad Vanz Heavy Duty Spray Trim Enhancement
  • Nomad Vanz Audio Upgrades
  • ROAMBUILT SafariRack 2.0 Curved and Straight Side Ladder, black Engine Skid Plate
  • sPOD BantamX

Off the Grid

  • Nomad Vanz Premium Signature Lithium Build
  • Nomad Vanz Foundation Package with Nomad Vanz Stainless Steel Trim
  • Nomad Vanz Premium Signature Heat Package with Webasto Dual Top EVO 6
  • Nomad Vanz Ventilation Package with Caframo Sirocco II and Arctic Tern 300×700
  • Nomad Vanz Feature Wall with Chilewich and Arctic Tern 550×700
  • Nomad Vanz Rain Closet with Nomad Vanz shower curtain
  • Nomad Vanz H20 Package
  • Nomad Vanz Mother Ship Interior
  • Nomad Vanz LED Light Package with USB and 12V

In the Van

  • Nomad Vanz Sweet Dreams® with Froli Travel Springs
  • Nomad Vanz teak tabletop on Lagun table mount with Nomad Vanz Bench Seat
  • Nomad Vanz Safety Package
  • Nomad Vanz Shadez® with Sunbrella Cirrus Dove
  • Nomad Vanz Loo Package in Nomad Vanz Millwork Package
  • Nomad Vanz Upholstered Headliner Shelf with Nomad Vanz Privacy Shadez
  • Nomad Vanz Matz
  • Nomad Vanz Welcome Mat
  • Indel Webasto Drawer 49 Inox
  • Wallas 88DU Diesel Cooktop

Out the Back

  • Nomad Vanz Flush Mount L-Trac
  • Nomad Vanz Pump UP!
  • Nomad Vanz Ski Rack in Gear Garage
  • Nomad Vanz Rear Door Storage Pocket System
  • Nomad Vanz Rear Wash Down

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