New Releases

Pull Up a Chair... We have lots of new rollouts to share! Let's begin with a few new Vanz... First, we'd like you to meet... Shaka Diva! This build was custom-designed for


New Arrivals

The Month of More... We're excited to unveil a brand-new van and share the latest products at shop headquarters! Fresh off the floor, Alpaca is crisply outfitted with our signature premium


Still Leveling Up!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Mercedes-Benz has just endorsed Nomad Vanz as a MasterUpfitter. This badge of honour is awarded to trusted companies that show outstanding commitment to the


Run away with home.

Nomad Vanz is the mobile home on wheels. How to leave home without leaving the comforts of home?

The decision to get away from it all is not a matter of take it or leave it. It’s leave and take it.

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