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The experience of travelling in a Nomad Vanz Van is made possible by a unique orchestration of innovations. Here is the technology that connects to create a feeling much greater than simply the sum of our parts.



Design Consult

Nomad Vanz has a professional design team with over 25 years of industrial and architectural design experience. Our team can guide you from sketched ideas to the ideal design layout and interior design. Nomad Vanz also consults on materials and products, and for those needing an extra fun pop of colour in their vans.

The Heart of a Nomad Vanz

We call it Ground Control, the Command Centre, and the Rain Closet. Let our experts design an integrated electrical, heating and plumbing system tailored to your needs.


The Talking Head

A Nomad Vanz designed spare tire rack. A distinctive look, the rack removes the spare tire from underneath the van to make room for the Mother Ship.

The Oasis

A Nomad Vanz fresh water system using the Mother Ship, a whopping 175 litre stainless steel fresh water tank replete for hydration and rinsing needs in conjunction with the Talking Head, Ground Control and the Command Centre.

Nomad Vanz
Aluminum Billet Badges

The new bling in town. Available to 100% Nomad Vanz content, on the front grill and rear door.


Supplied by Fiamma for awning and accessories.

Window Flares

Extends the width of a Nomad Vanz, increasing usable space and design options. Learn more about Flarespace flares.


Nomad Vanz works with a wide selection of windows to let light in – and keep the wet, cold and unwanted critters out. CR Laurence and Seitz Dometic

Wheel and Tire

Complete your Nomad Vanz look and improve van performance with bespoke tires and rims.

Off Road Accessories

Supplied by Aluminess Products Inc., Van Compass, and Baja Designs


Bench-Bed Seats

Van life is not the same without all the family members. Extra friends along for the adventures? No problem with an added 2 or 3 seat convertible passenger bench seat.

Nomad Vanz Upholstery

Complete your dream van with our in-house upholstery services. Pictured: authentic VW vintage plaid complimented with perforated leather accents.

Nomad Vanz Solar
Privacy Shades

Sewn by hand, these shades will help to keep out heat and provide privacy during the evenings. Backed with durable nylon fabric and Nomad Vanz embroidered badges.


Several refrigeration solutions are available. Pictured: Italian made Vitrifrigo 12 volt DC unit.

Gourmet Kitchen

Computer milled cabinetry (CNC) with solid surface countertops topped with a designer faucet as the crowning jewel.

Sweet Dreams

Custom latex mattress wrapped in organic cotton with the Froli bed system makes for a great night’s rest.


No air conditioning required with the hard working Fan-Tastic Fan.


Space saving design with Nomad Vanz drawer slides to tuck away when not in use.


Only the most durable and easy to clean surfaces available in any colour to match your taste!

R Rated

All Nomad Vanz have a high R rating with the insulated wall and ceiling panels. Combined with FatMat sound deadener, enjoy the silent ride in a Nomad Vanz.


Nomad Vanz can provide custom entertainment solutions.


Ground Control and Command Centre

Ground Control is the complex integration of the solar, mechanical, electrical, heating and plumbing systems designed into each Nomad Vanz. All systems are controlled by the Command Centre tucked into a cabinet in the living space. Partner suppliers AM Solar, Victron Energy, Wallas, and Webasto

The Rain Closet

An indoor/outdoor shower at the rear or at the front side entry with a flush mounted shower pan.

Pump UP

Air compressor for inflating moto, bicycle, or van tires.


Equipment Storage

Storage solutions for all your toys. Each Nomad Vanz is designed with a garage, so you can take everything with you!

Custom • Adventure • Overland • Expedition Vanz

Custom Authentic VW Tartan Seat Fabric
Sports Equipment Garage with Air Compressor, Hot Water Tank and Integrated house electrical system with Lithium Ion Battery

Every Nomad Vanz is:

  • The perfect travel van where a conventional camper cannot go to.

  • Comfortable 4 season living.

  • Meticulous with attention to detail and quality.

  • Extremely durable with exceptional materials and finishes.

  • Ability to travel to remote areas.

  • Custom designed with a garage and maximum storage.

  • Modern designed with high-grade finishes.

  • Able to withstand Mother Nature’s elements – wet and mildew, ultraviolet rays, extreme cold and heat.

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