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The Process

At Nomad Vanz, we guide you through the journey of building your van and strive to make it a great experience. Here are the stages we will progress through together to create your Dream Van.

Custom • Adventure • Overland • Expedition Vanz

Custom Authentic VW Tartan Seat Fabric
Sports Equipment Garage with Air Compressor, Hot Water Tank and Integrated house electrical system with Lithium Ion Battery

Every Nomad Vanz is:

  • The perfect travel van where a conventional camper cannot go to.

  • Comfortable 4 season living.

  • Meticulous with attention to detail and quality.

  • Extremely durable with exceptional materials and finishes.

  • Ability to travel to remote areas.

  • Custom designed with a garage and maximum storage.

  • Modern designed with high-grade finishes.

  • Able to withstand Mother Nature’s elements – wet and mildew, ultraviolet rays, extreme cold and heat.

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